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Our customized work plans ensure that clients come first, and that projects are completed as planned. Clients receive regular updates about project progress, timelines, and results.

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Get the input of our team of senior scientists, methodologists, medical professionals, and distinguished researchers. Benefit from networking and development opportunities.

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Our proven track record of high-quality research means you can trust our team to take your project to the next level. Clients confidently rely on project deliverables to support key decisions.

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We specialize in project management, public and population health, epidemiology, statistics, and library science. Our goal is to help clients advance their professional and research activities. Our team includes experienced academics and physicians who ensure that your projects are completed on time and in accordance with the latest health information.

What Our Project Partners Say

“Dr. Farhat provided exceptional mentorship on systematic reviews and data analyses for my PhD research. I’m confident that the TruEffect team has the knowledge to make your project a success!”

Ms. Nisrine Haddad
University of Ottawa

“I have worked with Drs. Crispo and Farhat for many years on systematic reviews and epidemiological research in neurology. They are highly skilled, very friendly, and great collaborators.”

Dr. Santiago Perez-Lloret
University of Buenos Aires

“Working with Dr. Crispo from TruEffect has inspired me to actively participate in health research. I highly recommend involving Dr. Crispo and the TruEffect team in your research!”

Dr. Melanie Squarzolo
Health Sciences North Emergency Department

Frequently Asked Questions

The TruEffect Team provides first-class professional and scientific services. We’re positioned to help you and/or your organization attain project goals on time and to the highest standards.

Our team includes medical and doctoral-trained professionals, as well as subject matter experts that specialize in public and population health, epidemiology, statistics, library science, and health risk assessment.

Our ultimate objective is to support your health-related projects in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Click HERE to book your complimentary meeting with a senior member of our team to learn how we may support your current project needs.

TruEffect is a leader in providing professional and scientific services in the areas of project management, public and population health, epidemiology, statistics, library science, and health risk assessment.

We specialize in using scientific, analytical, and decision-support methodologies to assist clients in making evidence-based decisions regarding their health-related projects. Our services include but are not limited to grant writing, completing literature reviews (including Cochrane-quality systematic reviews), designing electronic surveys, collecting and analyzing electronic information, advising on health research study designs, coordinating study completion, report writing, and providing expert opinions in the areas of family medicine, emergency medicine, and public and population health.

Our Partners and Associates bring invaluable government, academic, and industry experience to the TruEffect team.

TruEffect provides professional and scientific services to a variety of clients, including but not limited to academic researchers, public organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and private sector companies.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your project needs and assess whether we may help you achieve your goals. Feel free to book a complimentary 1-hour meeting with our team to discuss your project.

The TruEffect team is well-positioned to accommodate and support client projects. This includes using modern approaches and technology to communicate about and collaborate on project deliverables.

We most frequently interact with clients via secure virtual meeting platforms (Microsoft Teams and Zoom), regular email exchanges, and/or telephone. Where necessary, we are happy to meet with clients in-person in accordance with public health protocols.

In addition, we are familiar with and positioned to work with clients on project materials using electronic workspaces such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

No, there’s no cost for an initial meeting with us. Individuals and organizations interested in learning more about TruEffect, including how we may assist with project management and completion, may book a complimentary 1-hour meeting with a senior member of our team. We welcome the opportunity to learn about how we may assist you and/or your organization attain health-related project goals.

Click HERE to book your complimentary meeting.

Initial meetings provide the opportunity to discuss your project background and objectives, as well as your expectations and timelines. As such, please be prepared to have a high-level discussion about your project, including ideas on what type of professional and scientific services TruEffect may provide.

TruEffect Inc. is a Canadian-controlled corporation based in Sudbury, Ontario.

TruEffect primarily works with North American clients; however, is structured and equipped to work internationally. The use of secure virtual meeting platforms (Microsoft Teams and Zoom) enables the TruEffect team to work with clients regardless of their physical location.

We understand the need for detailed budgeting and flexible invoicing options. Therefore, TruEffect works with clients to determine their project needs and key timelines. Based on this information, TruEffect works with clients to establish a clear and attainable Project Plan. Included in the Project Plan are details regarding service fees and invoicing. Service fees may be billed hourly or be fixed per project, with invoicing occurring monthly, quarterly, or at an alternate interval that best aligns with client needs and project scope.

Client data is most frequently stored electronically in Canada and/or the United States. Physical and electronic data may be stored exclusively in Canada or in the United States upon request. TruEffect team members are knowledgeable in information technology, including policies around the storage of health information and encryption. We’re also positioned to accommodate project-specific data storage needs.